DPVR P1 4K Pro


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DPVR is a leading company that has a huge market share in the field of virtual reality, especially in Asian countries (after HTC and Meta, DPVR is currently the largest VR brand from China). With the DPVR line, DPVR also wants to position itself in the European market. The VR glasses of the brand DPVR are seen as the successor of the Oculus Go. They are so-called standalone 3 DOF VR glasses. This means that you can use the glasses completely without an external computer and you are not stuck with annoying cables.
DPVR glasses are available in different configurations and price ranges. For example, every VR user can find glasses that suit his or her needs. Because the DPVR 3 glasses have DOF tracking (degrees of freedom), the headsets are particularly suitable for viewing 360 degrees and VR videos. The DPVR glasses are less suitable for real gaming applications, as you can do with the Meta Quest 2 for example.

• Wireless connection
• 3840 x 2160 resolution
• Snapdragon XR1 processor
• 4000 mAh (up to 5 hours playing time)
• 3 DOF controller is included as standard
• Surround sound
• Space for memory card
• 32 GB memory

Pros and cons
+ Lightweight and comfortable design, even for extended periods of use.
+ Easy to operate with the wireless controller and the built-in control button.
+ Ideal for use at larger events and for business applications.
+ The DPVR P1 Pro offers the possibility to play videos in 4K resolution.

– Due to 3 DOF, the headset is not recommended for playing VR games.
– Few standard applications are available in the DPVR store.
– Note: in all cases avoid sunlight (direct or indirect) on the lenses. The lenses act like a magnifying glass, which can quickly cause fire damage to the screens.

What’s in the package
• 1 x DPVR P1 4K Pro Headset
• 1 x DPVR P1 4K Pro Controller
• 1 x Charging Cable
• 1 x Manual


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