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The Shinecon SC-G06E Mobile VR Glasses are the latest budget VR glasses from the popular Shinecon brand. Snap your smartphone into the glasses holder and become the protagonist of your favorite video game or movie. Thanks to the built-in headphones, you also have surround sound, which makes the experience extra spectacular.

The VR goggles have a comfortable headband with soft leather sides around the face master. With its adjustable options to determine the optimal distance to your eyes, the Shinecon is the ideal VR headset for taking the first steps in the virtual world.

Note: before use, check whether your smartphone is suitable for VR/AR. You can easily do this with VR/AR Test Ninja.

Pros and cons

+ Smartphone easy to attach by sliding
+ Very comfortable due to the renewed cushions and headband
+ With built-in headphones

– Only suitable for smartphones between 4 and 6 inches

What’s in the package

  • 1x Shinecon SC-G06E VR glasses
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x cleaning cloth


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