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The HTC VIVE Flow is a compact and lightweight virtual reality glasses made for meditation and daily media consumption. Because of the small size, the glasses are easy to take with you and you can put them on at any time of the day to enjoy the peace in virtual reality.

The HTC VIVE Flow can be connected to your smartphone to use the processing power of the phone. In this case, the smartphone also directly becomes the controller of the Flow glasses. Because you control the glasses with your smartphone, the controls are intuitive to use and it is possible for everyone to put on the Flow glasses.

At just 189 grams, the HTC VIVE Flow is one of the lightest VR glasses on the market. And the built-in speakers, conveniently positioned right above your ears, provide a spacious audio experience. Watching a movie with the HTC VIVE Flow is like being in the cinema!



Compact size and lightweight (only 189 grams).
Made for daily meditation and media consumption, such as watching VR movies.
Easy to carry and set up anywhere.
Almost every telephone is suitable for use as a controller.
Hot-swapping support so that the battery can be replaced without the headset failing.
Unwind completely with the VIVE Flow ASMR mode.


Pros and cons

VIVE Flow is a unique VR headset made for daily meditation and other forms of relaxation.
Very compact size (the size of sunglasses) and lightweight (only 189 grams).
Almost any smartphone can be used as a controller for the HTC VIVE Flow glasses.
HTC VIVE Flow is not suitable for playing VR games.
The VIVE Flow must be connected to a smartphone with a cable.


What’s in the package:

1 x HTC VIVE Flow Headset


Extra information

Brand: HTC ModelFlow
Screen type:  2 x LCD screens Resolution 1600 x 1600 pixels per eye
Refresh rate: 75 Hz Field of View (FOV) 100 degrees
Tracking: methodInside-out tracking IPDAdjustable
Platform: Viveport Type realityVirtual reality
Processor: Snapdragon XR1 Memory64 GB
Battery: Requires external battery or power bank Weight (kg)0.1890
Name: HTC VIVE Flow


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