Rif Fort Experience

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1826 | virrea

genre: Educational
type: interactive


Visit the Rif Fort in the year 2022 and then next experience the Rif Fort in the year 1826.

The immersive virtual reality experiences we offer create a sense of your presence in the year 1826. The interaction with the people and their stories in these animation games makes the experience more unique than any history story told in books or seen in movies.

Now is your chance to experience one of the many battles of the Rif Fort Curacao. Give orders to the troops or take orders and carry them out or sit and enjoy the show.

we provide you with your VR headset.

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1 review for Rif Fort Experience

  1. Shahzaib

    This Rif Fort experience is like being in a movie, but with interactions with the players. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I recommend everyone to experience this

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