2022 | oculus

genre: horror
type: VR experience

Halloween 2022 will scare you and creep you out!

Face Your Fears 1 VR is a short horror VR experience. You are placed in 4 different fear-inducing environments. Face Your Fears is a horror and fear-inducing experience and not a game. There is no interaction with the environment beyond selecting the experience you want to view. Even though this is an older VR experience it still holds up very well!

What Face Your Fears does very well is utilize where you are looking to trigger things to happen on the other side of the screen -just out of your view. After checking out the jack-in-the-box music that is playing on the other side of the room, that spooky doll that was sitting on the shelf has now disappeared.

There is a lot of tension and distraction and looking around in VR. If you remain focused on one side of the room, staring down that doll the experience doesn’t really move on. It waits for you. The second you break eye contact though – poof! The doll is gone.

This year Halloween is all about Facing your fears. Some VR of these experiences are terrifying, some fun and spooky, and some are simply mysterious!

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